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Close Encounter of an Asteriod on Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Close Encounter of an Asteriod on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 classified by NASA as a “potentially hazardous object” will pass between Earth and the moon on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. It is 1, 300 feet and will be 201, 700 miles away from Earth. It will not hit Earth anyway but just … Continue reading

Play Petals Around the Rose

This is a logic game that I have just discovered a week ago from a friend. The name of the game is very important. The game would roll five dice with corresponding values every after clicking the “Roll Dice” button. Evaluate the relationship between each dice and you got the even answer. Try rolling the … Continue reading

Colombiana: Revenge Is Beatiful.

  Summary Cataleya is a young girl who witnessed the murder of her parents in their own home by a land owner named Don Luis, drug lord, who is suing her father for a big debt. She had nothing left but a small chip (an evidence that will put Don Luis to prison), her father’s … Continue reading

Pin a Program to the Taskbar

Peopled would tend to find easier ways in accessing programs or applications installed in their computer that are needed to be accessed from time to time. Windows 7 has a one-click solution with easier recognition on the application since logo are utilized to be links to the actual application. a. Open the application that you … Continue reading

The Memory Could not be Read

I was to install this application in a Windows XP SP3 computer when suddenly the error message citing some figures in hexadecimal values stating that the memory could not be read error with a tip on javaw.exe. I have tried to defragment the C logical partition since all installation are done in this drive and … Continue reading

Creating a VB6 Desktop Application

In PN comlab, creating a VB6 application for the very first time.

Have You Known of? PHI

PHI There is more PHI (pronounced as ‘fai’) can tell about reality than being the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Its form is composed of a zero with a one stuck across vertically. This is sometimes symbolized as the digital age. In English, the words literal meaning is Grace of GOD and love. PHI, … Continue reading

iPhone 5

Science fiction movies are now turning into a science reality with the new design and concepts of iphone 5. iPhone 5, according to rumors is utilizing Qualcomm Chipsets. These chipsets could either GSM/CDMA. A5 processor will be used, ready fit for CDMA, GSM and UMTS technologies. These duo will stream high definition videos with no … Continue reading

Can’t avoid staring at Discovery Channel documentary film…

Can’t avoid staring at Discovery Channel documentary film on Tornado Rampage 2011. What a Tornado!

Creating another module for My Barangay Check out…

Creating another module for My Barangay. Check out the site here: http://cebuindex.com/