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Colombiana: Revenge Is Beatiful.



Cataleya is a young girl who witnessed the murder of her parents in their own home by a land owner named Don Luis, drug lord, who is suing her father for a big debt. She had nothing left but a small chip (an evidence that will put Don Luis to prison), her father’s calling card and an address of someone. Left alone in their dining table, she was interviewed by Don Luis’ capo, Marco, asking for that small chip. Instead of giving the chip to him, she stuck a long knife to the palm of Marco and run for her life.

Cataleya went to the Ambassador’s office and presented the chip she called ‘my passport’. The chip was then exchanged to her first flight to America. With the Department of Social Justices escort, Cataleya pretending to use the toilet escapes to take a bus to her uncle, Emilio, in Chicago.

In one conversation with Emilio on their dreams, he asked Cataleya what her ambition is. Cataleya responded that she wanted to be an artist before. Now?, asked Emilio. ‘I wanted to be a killer.’ She goes to school to study like an ordinary child and Emilio teaches her to become an assassin.

Pretending to be a drunk woman dragging a police car while driving, she was then put to prison for one night. The intention was to kill Genarro, one of her father’s killer who was also in that prison that night. She had managed to go out from her prison cell and searched for Genarro’s. She then let Genarro remove her polo and shot him to death. As her usual assassinations, she will put a Cathlea flower near the cadaver or draw the flower in the victim’s body.

She has managed to crack to an FBI’s house and explained to him the life that she experienced. She asked to find the place of Don Luis. If this is not accomplished, one of his family member will be killed every week until nothing is left. The agent was alerted on the threat and got the location from a CIA agent where Don Luis has been relocated into.

Cataleya brought her two dogs and loaded armoured van towards Don Luis’s estate for vengeance. She blasted an air weapon as a big surprise to Don Luis’s properties. Marco and Cataleya fought in the living room. After a lengthy fight, Cataleya buried a broken toothbrush near Marco’s neck stealing his soul to death.

Don Luis, after hearing that the fight is over, he sneaked out from the hiding place and run towards Cataleya’s armoured van to move away. Cataleya called Don Luis’ phone using Marco’s and telling him ‘You’re exactly where I want you to be’. The fierce dogs inside the van ate Don Luis.

Cast of Characters

Zoe Saldana – Cataleya

Cliff Curtis – Emilio

Jordi Molla – Marco

Beto Benites – Don Luis

Michael Vartan – Danny, Cataleya’s boyfried



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