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The Memory Could not be Read

I was to install this application in a Windows XP SP3 computer when suddenly the error message citing some figures in hexadecimal values stating that the memory could not be read error with a tip on javaw.exe. I have tried to defragment the C logical partition since all installation are done in this drive and hoping that this memory error would vanish. Unfortunately, it had not done the trick. I have searched the net regarding this error. Worse case, it has told me that’s something’s broken somewhere.

I said ‘Oh!, this should be a serious problem’. I was about to check the memory, the hard disk health and everything. But I said to myself again, ‘Why are other applications running without any error’. After scrutinizing everything, Viola! One setting has erased the error message. It is the compatibility mode when you right-click the setup file. Try!



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