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Creating a VB6 Desktop Application

In PN comlab, creating a VB6 application for the very first time. Advertisements

Have You Known of? PHI

PHI There is more PHI (pronounced as ‘fai’) can tell about reality than being the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Its form is composed of a zero with a one stuck across vertically. This is sometimes symbolized as the digital age. In English, the words literal meaning is Grace of GOD and love. PHI, … Continue reading

iPhone 5

Science fiction movies are now turning into a science reality with the new design and concepts of iphone 5. iPhone 5, according to rumors is utilizing Qualcomm Chipsets. These chipsets could either GSM/CDMA. A5 processor will be used, ready fit for CDMA, GSM and UMTS technologies. These duo will stream high definition videos with no … Continue reading

Can’t avoid staring at Discovery Channel documentary film…

Can’t avoid staring at Discovery Channel documentary film on Tornado Rampage 2011. What a Tornado!

Creating another module for My Barangay Check out…

Creating another module for My Barangay. Check out the site here: http://cebuindex.com/